Have you ever held a newborn baby? It’s one of life’s best gifts. This little life in your hands hasn’t done anything or said anything amazing or remarkable. Heck, babies pretty much only eat, sleep, poop, and cry. But somehow, when we see those little miniature hands and feet, fingers and toes, something cracks open inside of us. Our capacity to love feels a little wider. Our ability to empathize somehow goes a little deeper. These tiny humans haven’t done anything. But we love them all the same.

But what if you too were worthy of that kind of love? Not because you’ve done anything or said anything amazing or remarkable, but just because you are. In spite of all the things you wish you could undo or get a second chance with. Beyond those moments you wish you could have back. None of that has any bearing on your worth. You are worthy of love because you exist. Your very being is sacred and precious and worth love every bit as much as that sweet, precious baby.

We let our lives, our regrets, our mistakes tell us that, sure, we’re alright, but there are parts of us that aren’t worth loving. But that’s a false narrative. Every piece of you, the whole pieces, the broken pieces, the pieces that seem like they’ve been ground into dust, ALL OF IT is worthy of love.

So take some time this week to remember that you’re loved. Take some time this week to tell someone you know that they’re loved. Not because of what they’ve done, but simply because they are.

What would our neighborhood look like if we believed we deserved love and we shared that kind of love with those around us? Let’s find out.

In Community,

Pastor Sam