About Front Porch, MV

Who We Are

Front Porch is a group of people looking to engage with something larger than the individual self. We seek to grow in God and in community through engaging in the Sacred Act of Neighboring. We believe all persons are children of God, and we welcome ALL, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabilities, financial circumstances, marital status, religious tradition, cultural background or age.


Where life flourishes for everyone.

We’re building that kind of community —

in sustained Connections

  • with neighbor
  • with each other
  • with families
  • with God
  • with self

in actions that stretch toward a wider Compassion

in Courage to take meaningful risks

Where We’re From

Front Porch is a ministry of Los Altos United Methodist Church. We remain and intend to remain deeply connected to this church structurally as well as relationally.