Iftar Dinner

Front Porch joined with the greater Los Altos United Methodist Church and the Pacifica Institute for an Iftar dinner. Nearly 130 people gathered to break the Ramadan fast at Sundown. Islamaphobia often comes from misunderstanding. Events like these allow for open dialogue and connection across differing experiences. For Front Porch, sitting down at a table to share a meal is central to how we engage in the sacred act of neighboring. Any time we gather to hear one another, share in our lives, and build connections, we are doing sacred work that draws us into something bigger than ourselves. The dinner included sharing from different perspectives with the central theme of being neighbors to one another—caring for each other, reaching out in love, and making an intentional effort to connect with the people around us. While it meant that Front Porch didn’t meet in its usual fashion, the evening offered an opportunity for meaningful connection and a greater understanding.