Sacred Texts

Engaging in the Sacred Act of Neighboring isn’t just a catchy tagline for Front Porch. We believe it happens when we are attuned to caring for one another in our neighborhoods (and beyond). Intentional connection, broader compassion, and boundless courage draw us into something sacred, bigger than ourselves. But what makes something sacred?

We discussed what makes a text sacred at our neighboring dinner this past Sunday night and came up with quite a list:

  • The Messenger: Sometimes, it is the messenger. Sacredness can come from who is writing as much as the writing itself.
  • Tradition: How a text is passed down from generation to generation can create a kind of sacredness.
  • Brings Authenticity: Sacred texts help bring out our most authentic selves.
  • Tells Truth with Authority: Sacred texts have a certain gravitas to them and bring to light important truths.
  • Moves Us: Sacred texts can stir our emotions and unearth something within us.
  • Timeless: Many times, sacred texts can hold truth without being bound by time and place.
  • Set Apart: The opposite of sacred could be mundane. Sacred texts are extraordinary.
  • Draws Us Together: We can engage with sacred texts alone, but they are often best when shared. Like Pokémon, you can play alone, but the experience is better when you join your friends.
  • Nature: Nature is a living example of the sacred. It points us to life, beauty, and truth in the tangible world surrounding us.
  • Belief: Often, a text can be sacred by having a community of people who believe in it.

The sacred is all around us. If we pay attention to the sacred in our lives, we can be better connected to one another, show more compassion, and have the courage to take meaningful risks. And that’s the recipe for flourishing communities. So pay attention this week. The sacred is out there waiting for you.