The Big Game

February 13, a week from Sunday, we won’t gather for our Neighboring Dinner as usual. Instead, we will gather at 3:15 PM to watch The Big Game. (I use TBG because using the actual name for the game has caused copyright problems for people in the past.) In some ways this feels difficult because we have been doing a good job of examining ourselves and what we and our neighbors might need. Why would I stop that momentum for football?

Because it is important that we take growth and intentionality seriously. But it’s also important that we have an element of play. I’m not here to hype up The Big Game in and of itself. The game is more of a means to an end. There is a cultural element to it that is able to gather people together in a spirit of play. And so, while I have some legitimate concerns about the culture of the league, I also think there is value in gathering together for fun.

Life has been tough in the pandemic. And we are still one foot in and one foot out of living in the time of COVID. At times it has felt difficult to play because the pressure and exhaustion have been so intense. So on the 13th we will take intentional play time.

You may be watching the game elsewhere. You may be intentionally not watching the game. You may just not care. But if you’re looking for a place to gather, we’ll be in the driveway and our main objective will be to play. I can’t wait.

In Community,


Pastor to the Neighborhood